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About Us

Kia Ora, I am Joseph Ceronio. Everyone knows me as Joe. My wife, Raylene, our son and I are the owners of The Bonsai Company. 

Ten years ago, I started with two Bonsai as a hobby. I enjoyed spending time to prune, re-pot, shape and taking care of my master pieces as it became a passion of mine.  As I watched my two Bonsai grow over the years, it instilled in me a desire to pursue this hobby further and make my dream of being a small business owner come to past, but I did not know how it would happen.

An opportunity arose for us where we could buy Bonsai pots and other stock from a business that was no longer in operation. We took a leap of faith and then started the process of working on a website which took us a month to create.

I worked as a Customer Service Engineer and was with the company for 10 years when they went through some changes due to Covid19. I then decided to take voluntary redundancy and I stopped work the end of May 2020.

It took us a while to get to this season in our lives. We finally launched our small online business on the 1st of July 2020.

My family and I are looking forward to providing you with your vision for your Bonsai and all your Bonsai needs.

Thank you for supporting us. 

Joe and Raylene Ceronio.

" A true Bonsai comes from within".